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Some Basic Information

While it may sound unrealistic – it’s true. With Leasemyhost you receive unlimited disk space and bandwidth – we guarantee it.

A logical question you might ask, where do you get your unlimited hard drives from? The answer is – we don’t. We use 10*3TB hard drives in RAID arrays, and this is a massive amount of space for web hosting users.

We are able to provide unlimited space as not all clients require huge amounts of space on the server. For example, there might be 10 clients who need 1GB of space and then 1 client who needs 200GB. That’s no problem for us.

Then what’s the trick? There are no tricks at all. You get what you see. When you activate your account you may login to your cPanel and you will see your online disk space.

This might be one of the important things to be noted, that while we do not limit the space your account takes up on our server, we still require that the uploaded contents comply with our Terms of Service (as well as the laws of USA & UK).

Of course, you should never host copyrighted content like movies or music. Same applies to abusive or illegal content (like child pornography) on our servers. Any such content found on the account is removed, account may be disabled and we may even take legal actions and report to legal instances on rare cases of extreme abuse.

We are using our own servers, all collocated in Immedion data centre. Our Data centre provides us with unlimited bandwidth at multiple 1GB/s lines. We are not greedy, that is why we allow our users to use it without any limits as well. We are constantly monitoring our lines for abusive, DDoS activity, however normal, every day type of activity does not cause any harm and is allowed.

That said, for example, 1-5 GB bandwidth per account, per day is not even noticed on our monitoring software. You may of course, transfer a lot more if needed, there is no cap. Of course if your account receives 1GB per second of traffic or sends terabytes of data per day, it might not be tolerated (as it starts slowing down the whole network, causing problems for other users), it’s far from any normal activity, which regular users browsing your site can never cause.

Pricing Plans


SSD Hosting

The High performance SSD platform ever

Starting at


100% pure SSD

Reseller Hosting

The ideal solution for web hosting business.

Starting at


No offer, Price low already

Master reseller Hosting

Start You own Business.

Starting at


.COM Domain Free


The High performance SSD platform ever


100% pure SD

Reseller Hosting

The High performance cloud platform ever WITH USA.


10% Discount extra

Master Reseller USA

The High performance cloud platform ever with USA


10% Discount extra
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  • 24 hours Support
  • Free migrations
  • Staging environments

We don’t compromise with the best Hosting Solution

Best Hosting


99.9% Uptime Guarantee

we can assure you 99.99% Uptime Servers to make your business perfect.

Safe and Secured

Our team assured your web site is always safe and secure

Our Dedicated Support

We finally found a support that truly available 24 hours

Best Service


Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is Full of SSD Drive so you will get super speed.

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Reseller Hosting

Our reseller hosting is designed for hosting business.

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Master reseller Hosting

Our master reseller is advance version of reseller hosting.

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SSL Certificate

We provide SSL Certificate in very low price ever in this market

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Know about us

We owned our own server , we are not resellers, we believes in best hosting.

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Domain Name

You can buy your Domain with leasemyhost in very low price . Check out our prices.

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We don’t compromise with the best Hosting Solution

Best Support 24 Hours Live

We will provide 24 Hours Support in every Condition.

Build and protect your brand

We provide free SSL with ever hosting to protect your business.

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Powerful Server and Platform

Better Security and faster Server

Our best-in-class Hostings solution, with additional optization to make running a website.

Better Security with monitors

Our best-in-class SSD solution, mnitor your website from spamers.

Better Security with 24 hours support

Our best-in-class Hosting solution provide 24 hours technical support without any compromise.